E-Way Bill

'E-Way Bill'

E-Way Bill is generated on the online e-Way bill portal for transportation of goods. A taxable person who is registered with GST cannot transport goods in an automobile whose value is beyond INR 50,000 or interstate supply without having an e-way bill. A unique e-way bill number (EBN) is provided to the supplier, receiver and the transporter when the e-way bill is generated. Where the distance between the consigner or consignee and the transporter is less than 50 Kms and transport is within the same state: Part B of e-Way Bill is not required to be filled, only Part A of e-Way Bill is required to be filled.

E – Way Bill will be generated when there is a movement of goods in a vehicle / conveyance worth more than Rs. 50,000/- or interstate supply.

  • In relation to a “Supply”
  • For reasons other than a “Supply” (Say a return)
  • Due to inward “Supply” from an unregistered person

When to generate an E-Way Bill?

A GST registered person will have to generate an E-way bill whenever there is transportation of goods in a conveyance worth more than Rs. 50,000. However, even if the vehicle’s value is less than 50000, either the transporter or the person may choose to carry a generated e-way bill. Even a person who is not registered with GST, will have to generate and carry an e-way bill under the same circumstances. If the supply is made by an unregistered person to a registered person, the receiver must ensure that all the guidelines are followed. If the supplier has not generated an e-way bill, the transporter carrying goods by roadways, airways or railways, will be required to generate it. In case of non-motor vehicles, E-way bill is not required.

How to generate an E-Way Bill?

To generate an E-Way Bill all you need is a portal login of our online E-Way Bill Portal. Just go on “services” tab and click on “E-WAY BILL”. Click on the “Click Here” option provided below. A sign in panel will appear asking for your login credentials. If you are not registered with us, then sign up now. Enter your details, company information and then confirm the onetime OTP. With your login credentials, login to generate your E-Way Bill. After the generation of bill, provide the printouts to the transporter and receiver.

We provide the generation facility of Bulk E-Way Bills in one go with auto data picking from data bank and with minimum addition in data filling with auto links of GST Portal for auto Generation of Bulk / individual E-Way Bills using individual user ID and password which will enable a speedy hassle free process with total secrecy and security. Free e-way bill service on generation of initial 5 E-Way bills. On generation of subsequent E-Way Bills, user needs to pay very small amount (@ Rs. 10 per E-Way BILL) through payment gateway.