Invoice Generator

'Invoice Generator'

'What is a GST Tax Invoice?'

As a GST registered dealer, you are required to provide GST Invoices or bills to your clients. An invoice or a bill is a list of goods supplied or services provided, along with the payable due amount. Users can generate their own GST compliant invoices for free with our Invoice Generator tool. Every GST registered business has to provide GST compliant Invoices to their clients for the sale of goods and services.

'By when should the person issue GST Invoices?'

The time of supply of goods or service is the date of issuance of an invoice or receipt of payment, whichever is earlier. If goods or services have been supplied, then invoice must be issued within a period of 30 days. Hence, GST invoice should ideally be issued when payment for goods or services is reasonably assured or if the goods or services have been supplied to the recipient. Under the GST regime, time limit has been defined for issuing of GST Tax Invoices. Below are the due dates for issuing an invoice to the customers.

  • Goods (normal cases) – On or before date of delivery
  • Goods (continuous supply) – On or before date of issue of account statement/payment.
  • Services (general case) – Within 30 days of service supply
  • Services (Banks and NBFCs) – Within 45 days service supply

'Why is GST Invoicing important?'

The serial number of all invoices issued during a tax period should be filed every month in the FORM GSTR-1 along with the GSTIN of all recipients registered under GST must be mentioned on GSTR-1 filing for B2B transactions. In case that the recipient is not registered under GST or B2C transactions, recipient’s name, address and place of supply should be mentioned for high value transactions. GSTR-1 filing made by the supplier will automatically be auto-populated in the GSTR-2A on the GST portal of the recipient of goods or service. Hence, GST invoicing plays an important role in input tax credit claims. User can generate Invoice from our Invoice generation tool and get automatically filled GSTR 1 with invoice details which can be automatically uploaded on GST Portal of user.

'How to generate invoices with our Invoice Generator?'

The users can generate their GST invoices with our Invoice Generator instantly. Select the Invoice Generator from our homepage or our services tab or,

  • At the time of filling the input data entry for sale register, click on the Generate Invoice to get the invoices according to the details provided in the input data entry sheet.
  • OR
  • After selecting the Invoice Generator, the user will have to login using their own GSTIN No. and Password. Then they are required to fill the required details in the input data entry sheet and generate their invoice.