Net Liability

'Net Liability'

GST returns are required to be filed every month, once GSTR-1 is filed to report Sales, the individual must file GSTR-3B to report the ITC and make the GST Payment. In case, a refund is required to be claimed, it can be done by filling the relevant refund related forms.

Under the GST, the following taxes are to be paid:

  • IGST – To be paid when interstate supply is made (paid to center)
  • CGST – To be paid when making supply within the state (paid to center)
  • SGST – To be paid when making supply within the state (paid to state)

Who should make the payment?

All the GST registered businesses and dealers are required to make GST payments –

  • 1. A Registered person is required to make GST payment if GST liability exists.
  • 2. A Registered person is required to pay tax under Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)
  • 3. E-commerce operator is required to collect and pay TCS
  • 4. The dealers are required to deduct TDS

How to calculate the Net GST Liability?

Usually, the Input Tax Credit should be reduced from Outward Tax Liability to calculate the Net GST Liability. GST Aid Online’s Net GST Liability service will help user to know total GST to be paid by netting off input credit (allowable as per GST Law) on daily basis. The user will just have to login to our portal with their GSTIN No. and Password using the provided “Click here” below.

  • The user can select the period based on which data will be shown.
  • It will enable user to maintain required cash flow to pay GST Liability on due date.
  • It will also aid help to user towards business planning.

Also, the ITC cannot be claimed on interest and late fees. Both Interest and late fees are required to be paid in cash only.