Purchase Register

'Purchase Register'

'What is Purchase Register?'

Purchase Register is the account of all the purchases made within a tax period for manufacturing of goods or provision of services. Purchase register is required for GSTR 3B and reconciliation with GSTR 2A (as and when come into force). Every assessee is required to maintain a Purchase Register for the same.

How to generate Purchase Register with the help of our tool?

GSTaidonline provides a tool which will help the users to generate the Purchase Register automatically. Once, the Purchase Register is generated, our website will provide automated GST Returns. The users are facilitated with 3 alternative methods – Upload File, Fill in Input Entry and Upload Image. The User can choose any one of these free methods to generate their automated Purchase Register.

  • Step 1: The Users can select the “Purchase Register” from our homepage or from our “Services” tab.
  • Step 2: The User will then be required to login using their own GSTIN No. and Password to avail this service. In case of a new user, they will have to fill the details on the sign up page and then login using their credentials.
  • Step 3: Then select any one of the three methods, whichever is convenient for the user.

'1. Upload File'

On selection of the “Upload File” mode;

  • The Users will be provided with an excel sheet format. If they are using any other software (such as tally) where their invoice data is stored, they can simply export the file in excel. And then, copy the data from there and paste it here in the respective columns of our excel format.
  • The user will have to fill the mandatory columns only by just pasting the copied data.
  • Once the data is ready in the format, click “upload” and our GST Accounting Software will automatically generate the Purchase Register.

2. Fill in Input Entry'

On the selection of the “Fill in Input Entry” mode;

  • The Users will be given an input data entry sheet, in which the correct details must be filled.
  • The users will have to fill the few required details in the input data entry for Purchase Register, import of service and goods.
  • Based on the data provided, the other required details like Reverse charge applicability, eligibility for ITC, state code, Rate of GST and Invoice value will be auto-populated for the preparation of Purchase Register, GSTR-3B and Reconciliation with GSTR-2A.

3. Upload Image'

On the selection of the “Upload Image” mode;

  • The Users will be required to click a picture (clearly visible) of the invoice data and then upload it here.
  • Our team will receive the image from the admin portal and accordingly, they will fill the input entry and generate the Purchase Register.

Moreover, the user will also have the option to see the month-wise purchase register by selecting the month. The User can add any invoice detail in the Purchase Register itself by clicking on “Add Invoice”. They can even upload more than one invoice from the Purchase Register itself by clicking on “Upload Bulk Entry”. The Users will also be provided with the option to edit, view and delete on Purchase register, in respect of every invoice.