Reconciliation GSTR-2A

Reconciliation GSTR-2A

GSTR 2A is a purchase-related tax return that is automatically generated for each business by the GST portal when the goods or service provider files GSTR 1. When a seller files his GSTR 1, the information gets captured in GSTR 2A. It is an auto-generated document for information purpose only and cannot be edited. The required corrections must be made in the GSTR 2.

How to generate the reconciliation report of GSTR 2A?

Download the GSTR 2A data for all months in one click with our automated reconciliation tool of input credit as per purchase register with input credit reflecting according to the GSTR 2A to get your automated reconciliation report.

  • User just click on “services” tab and select “Reconciliation GSTR 2A”
  • The user must click on the “Upload GSTR-2A” link below and then login using their login credentials if already registered with us or they can sign up.
  • The user must copy the data of GSTR 2A from the GST portal and upload it in the “GSTR 2A sheet” on this website. To find “GSTR 2A sheet” go to extreme right corner in “reconciliation GSTR 2A service” tab on our website.
  • Get the automated reconciliation report identifying all the differences with data as per the purchase register, provided that correct details of all purchases have been given by the user on this website.
  • For purchase register data, after login User need to just go to purchase register in services and then click on “DASHBOARD” on an extreme left top corner. Click on upload file option and choose domestic or import data to be uploaded. Click on “download format” tab in extreme right corner and just copy the purchase data in downloaded sheet to upload the purchase data on this website.

How to read the reconciliation report?

  • If data is reflected in both "GSTR 2A" and "Purchase Register Data"- It means there is difference in data between the two reports. This will help the User to identify exact error so as to rectify accordingly.
  • If data is reflected in "GSTR 2A" but not in "Purchase Register Data"- It means invoice appearing in GSTR 2A has not been entered in the Purchase Register. This will help the User to rectify purchase register accordingly.
  • If no data is reflected in "GSTR 2A" but is present in "Purchase Register Data" It means invoice appearing in Purchase Register is not found in the GSTR 2A. This will help the User to rectify purchase register accordingly or the user will have to contact their vendor to correct/file its Returns so that such invoice can be reflected in GSTR 2A.